Your prospects have changed the way they buy. It's time to change the way you sell.

Over the past decade, we have seen an increasing convergence between sales, marketing and service. The classic salesperson used to be a walking PowerPoint, taking the same pitch from prospect to prospect without adding value, praying for a sale to come out of it.

Today’s global prospect has access to dozens of products or services just like yours with the tap of a finger. 

In fact, 60% of buyers have already completed their purchase decision before speaking to a salesperson.

At Accruence, we set out to find the optimal solution to streamlining a sales process by first looking into how a sale occurs. The answer lies in the right combination of data and emotion.

Before you can sell anything to your audience, you must know their desired end result. Learning about your prospect’s desired outcome allows you to tailor your offers specifically to them, immediately adding value and resolving objections that would otherwise stand in the way of your sale.

Relationships matter. People will never give you their money before they give you their time. 95% of purchasing decisions happen subconsciously (HBS), even when you are selling high ASP products or services.

Companies often forget that even in a B2B setting, it’s still a person making the decision to buy — not a company. In fact, for the decision maker, there is a lot of personal risk and emotional volatility in making a purchasing decision for a company. A B2B message needs to include the rational and tactical business case, and the personal psychological component.

Accruence can help you proactively leverage relationships with your clients and prospects to get more leads and close more deals.

For years, marketers have resorted to demographics to discover who their prospects are and to create buyer personas. While there is still a place for demographics, who they are does not tell you nearly as much as how they think or act.

Enter: Psychographics. By understanding how your buyers think and act, you can gain insight into WHY your prospect makes a purchasing decision and align your message accordingly.

If you are selling to consumers online, chances are the necessary data has already been collected. If your customers are mostly offline or you are selling to a team, we can analyze and deduce the necessary information through client interviews or focus groups.

We then use this data to dive deep into your prospects brain to discover what exactly triggers them to say yes during all parts of your customer’s journey, and build your marketing message around that.

Even in traditional B2B settings, 71% of buyers who see a personal value in a product or service will purchase a product, and 79% will even pay a higher price, as opposed to 23% and 9% for those who do not see a personal value, respectively (CEB).

At Accruence, we apply the same conversion rate optimization (CRO) tactics that we use in determining our pre-launch strategy for every post-launch interaction. 

The digital economy is constantly changing, and with every interaction we can gain valuable insight into your prospects mind and decision-making process, allowing us to continuously optimize your strategy at all times to effectively reach your prospect with the right messaging, in the right place, at the right time. Always.

All of our digital campaigns are strategy first — we collect as much data as we can about your buyers, and create a tailored message targeted to them. 

We then launch a minimum viable version based upon that strategy to analyze the response. This allows us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign, and make the necessary improvements to get the most out of it.

Accruence is not a traditional top-down digital or creative agency. Put bluntly, we don’t care if your ad was designed by the best artist in the world, unless it helps you close the sale. We care about ROI and conversion rates, and if we didn’t help you make a sale, then we’ve lost. No matter how pretty your campaign was.

That’s why we deconstruct the sales process and start from the bottom up. Once we identify who you’re trying to sell to and why they buy, we can find out what they respond to and create and offer that caters to their needs.

To get the most out of our targeted marketing approach, it’s important that everybody is pulling at the same string. Many marketing departments waste countless hours coordinating with numerous different agencies, consultants or production companies to put together their campaign. In that vast network of communication, it’s inevitable that directions get lost of misunderstood, and it becomes very hard for everybody to work together.

That’s why we offer you to consolidate all of your external marketing efforts and benefit from a clear, focused and consumer oriented message, ensuring that your strategy is turned into reality and allowing you to focus on your core business.

Let us help you change the way you sell.

More Leads. More Clients. More Growth.